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This is all so exciting! New everything. Sorry for the family relocation; that can be so hard, I know. One of mine is in Hawaii with my grandson; another is in Brooklyn. But, I get to keep one here :-) Your daughter is moving to such a beautiful area. I wish them much joy with the move and the coming big event!

Sweetest in the Gale

It looks like there are lots of wonderful changes and growth happening for you...I will look forward to seeing your BIG art! Wishing you a wonderful summer~~

Dina Cooper

I can't wait to see your new experiments. I am saving for Artful Journey. I hope I can. I hope I can!

lorraine lewis

katie you have a beautiful family & your babies are precious!
we had snow here this past weekend breaking large branches off my blossoming trees :-(
i think we are all ready for some warm weather and i can't wait to see what you will be creating....i would love to paint with you in california!


i love new beginnings and all the many possibilities they hold... i look forward to seeing glimpses, hoping you'll take us along. ;)
heather looks so very beautiful... and your grandchildren... i see you in their faces. so precious.
miss you much. {will email you soon}.
here's to spring, new beginnings, positive change, life, friendship, and babies. xoxoxo

judy Wise

Every single photograph touched my heart dear Katie. I'm so excited for all that is happening in your life; sweet indeed. And that family ... oh, so very beautiful. Precious. So precious. xoxoxo


Katie, I'm excited for you! You are letting go of the familiar in many ways. It's always a bit nerve-wracking (ask me how I know! hah!) but new adventures await.


is it possible we are holding hands,
preparing to JUMP in a very BIG way together?????



Beautiful challenges and adventures ahead, to be lived and created. Your path is fascinating as you are, much enjoyment and new discoveries to you dear Katie. You are just like your precious vegetables...going outside into the cold, in order to bloom and be fruitful.


Congrats to you and good luck with all the new moves. I can't wait to see your new work - I know it will be awesome!
ps: your grand kids have grown before our eyes. I'm sure they'll miss having you near by.


A loving, inspiring and tender post, as always. We moved across country with our kids and one of the best things my parents ever did for me was to gently let me go. I never appreciated how we broke their hearts until I had grands of my own. You have my heart on this. And, I cannot wait to see what this new adventure of yours will look like.

carol sloan

Where in SC are they moving Katie? I live in the upstate (upper western corner) of SC. Maybe I'll see you when you come to see them...

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