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francesca dileo

i'm all signed up and ready to go girl. so excited to get started.. woot woot.


yay francesca!!!!

i'm so excited too :-)

Sweetest in the Gale

I'm so incredibly excited...I just signed up. Thanks so much for offering this online class, Katie!

Counting the days,

Sherri :~)


Thanks for signing up! I look forward to getting to know you better Sherri.

Dina Cooper

Dear Katie,

I am cannot attend your workshop in California, so I cannot express my gratitude for your online class. I will enroll this weekend. It is so funny that today, I ran across an article you did for Cloth, Paper, Sissors a few years ago on dolls, and I was thinking I would try your technique for that. I really admire your work, and I want to learn as much as I can from you.



I have always been an admirer of your work....very very special. I am thrilled you are offering an online class. All signed up and looking forward to the beginning of class!


I'm sorry you won't be able to attend An Artful Journey next February, Dina, but very happy that you'll be able to attend an online class!


Thank you Kristina, so happy to hear you'll be part of the online class!

Michele from Pipi La La

Katie, I am so excited about this course! How much do you expect the supplies to cost? I'm on a bit of a budget and cannot commit til I have an approx idea. Thank you SO much! ☺☺


Right after the 1st (payday) i'll be signing up too....woo hoo!!!!


So excited to learn and CONGRATS! I am joining in and registering soon.


So excited to learn your cardboard book is part of this class! I fell in love with it in Cloth Paper Scissors way back. I tried making one but my cardboard was too weak.


I sent you an email regarding supplies.
If you paint with acrylics and are a mixed media artist, I would think you would have many of the supplies already.



So happy to hear you'll be joining us!
I felt like I couldn't do an online class without using my signature supply - cardboard - and the book is one of my favorite projects.

Donna Wynn

So excited to be a part of this class . . . truly can't wait!


Hi-I just registered but Paypal has my address wrong :( The paypal ID is Coznet. I am going to E-mail you my correct address and primary E-mail address if that is ok. Sorry for the trouble :( SO excited for this course!!!


Donna and Harmony,

Look forward to meeting you in class!

Kathie Vezzani

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. Ooh, Katie, fun fun fun.

Phyllis Peterson

Thank you so much for offering this class!! I just finished signing up for not only this class but also the Hot Wax workshop!! I'm so excited that you're offering these. It's going to be so much fun and I see lots of my friends have signed up too! :D


YAY!!! This is the most exciting news I've heard in a good while! The world will be rocked! :)


I am beyond excited as I have wanted to take a class from you for so long but could never make the travel destinations. I love that you're giving away the e-book- the class sounds so worth the price!!


Thanks everyone for sharing your excitement here - I'm feeling the same!


Just signed up. So excited to be able to take a class with you.

Gloria Martin

Dear Katie, I'm all signed up and ready for action!!!! xo
P.S. You priced your class most kindly, and an e-book as well......thank you, thank you!
xo Gloria xo


Katie, I just signed up for your workshop. I love your work and I'm sooo happy that you are offering this online workshop. Thanks so much!


Dale, Gloria and Mary,
I'm thrilled you're all joining in the class, I'm getting more and more excited as I make preparations and work through the projects. See you there!

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