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Michelle Bernard

I'd love to win because I so desperately need a creative distraction. And I love your work!

nancye williams

Thank you for the opportunity to win this exciting class. I would love to win this spot.

Ciindy Carrere

Because I saw first hand the results of your one day class in Potland's Art and Soul. Each painting was amazing and I've never seen such collective joy. Each participant struck gold with their artistic discovery and you lead them there. Your artistic and teaching ability is stunning and I want to learn from you. Free or fully paid, it will be a privilege.

Epiphanies ArtGirl

I would love to win because I am in a creative flurry which means I am a student of the Universe soaking in as much of what I can leanr to enhance my human experience as an artist, healer, teacher and woman. Grateful for this oppourtunity to learn from you.


I love your work! I am always looking for new techniques to spread my wings and expand my abilities as an artist. I'd LOVE taking your class!


I would love to take your class because I enjoy your work and have loved reading your blog!

cindy jo blair

I'd love the opportunity to take the class. As a teacher and life long learner I am always in search of opportunities to add to my experiences


I would love to win a place in your class because I've always loved YOU, Lovely Lady, AND your work and have always wanted to take a class from you but distance has always been an obstacle for me to take any of your classes. I don't know that I can scrape up the money at the moment to do so, but if my name is not drawn I will try to do so if there is still an opening. Have a wonderful day Katie!
Luna <3<3<3


Living in the mountains of eastern KY is a mixed blessing. We have wonderful art traditions here and great people but few art classes if any, in mixed media. So I turn to online classes often. I am teaching art journaling techniques to adults at the Appalachian Artisan Center on Aug. 13th. Your class would empower me. Fingers crossed.

Daris Judd

Well here goes; It is not easy to travel all over to learn and work with insightful artist. These on line classes seem to be the thing to do. I would love to learn some new tips and tricks also I really enjoy your work. Daris


I just sent the comment from eastern KY and thought I'd make it easier to find me... I am Marge Barber Fulton on Facebook and have a blog at www.hazardgal.blogspot.com


I would love to win this class . I love how there is a sense of freedom in your artwork . I have a desire to create but often find that I struggle with my own expectations , Id love to be able to paint from a place of authenticity and intuition and that's what draws me to this class .
Thanks for the chance to win .


I love your style...I picked up a postcard of yours several years ago at Portland's Art & Soul vendor show and I still have it. I am very drawn to your work, it fascinates me. I sure would love to win!!!

Nola Hart

I to have been stuck in the middle spaces with house guest since May. As I claw my way out, I think your guidance may be just the beacon of excitement that I am looking for.


I would love to win because I am stuck in a grey, grey rut in my head adn I need to get color and emotion back into my days and nights. A colorful nurturing environment would be the kick in the patootie I need.


Hope Clinchot

I would be thrilled to win this spot! I admire your free style of artwork and your class sounds like it would be a fun one. And I have never taken an online art class before, so it would be a first for me! Thanks for the opportunity!

Rhonda Rich

Include me into your list of possible winners. I'd LOVE to take one of your classes.


I'd love to win because I think I am in a creative slump. I need an umph to get me moving again!

Dayna J. Collins

Getting to learn from you is always a treat and doing it online would be bonus. Dayna

Kim Caldwell

What a wonderful gift. . .


I would love to take your class because I want(and need) to learn and grow in my artistic abilities. I admire your art work and know I could learn much from you. Thank you for the opportunity to win a spot in your class.


I love your magical work and could use a big dose of inspiration right now!

Pam @ Blue Between

Because I have been admiring your art forever, and because your style speaks to me, and I would love to hear how the stories get into the painting for you, and because, I'd love to play with some new techniques, and also, because it would be fun to take your class and have that much focus for awhile. XOXO

Cynthia H

I would so love to win a spot in your class! Reading the description I was struck by how much of what you'll be covering is on my "want to learn" list. Thanks for the chance to win!

Roberta Laliberte

Wahhhhhhh! Katie I just found you! I have Judy Wise in my sidebar on my blog and popped over to snoop today at her cold wax post and found your class in her sidebar. I was reading it thinking OMG this class sounds FABULOUS!!!!!! So I of course came by to peek at your blog and bam! Found this! Oh pretty please I hope I win. I am really branching off into a realm of self discovery. I have always been a highly realistic painter who yearned to do my own things which were usually crazy (I will grab anything) but refrained because I was afraid my art wouldn't be taken seriously. Now that I have found so many wonderful mixed media artists I am in heaven! I am going to add you to my sidebar! Thanks for sharing! xo!

Angie Hall Haviland

OH How Dreamy!! I'd be over the moon to take your online course. Not many creative outlets here in "Mayberry" I mean, Southeast TX. :) Thanks for the chance to win.

Julie Kinsella

I would love to win a spot on your online course as my disability limits me being able to attend courses and retreats. My computer is my lifeline to Art and learning Art which is both my therapy and my passion.
Thank you for the opportunity of submitting and your blog is very happening.

Kind regards


i would love to win the spot in your class because i hope to learn to loosen up a little bit more.

Rita Ackerman

What a wonderful prize. I never feel like my backgrounds are as rich and smooth as I want them. A chance to concentrate on what I put behind and learn some more techniques sounds wonderful.

Laurie Hunt

THANK YOU for this wonderful opportunity! I really would love to win a spot in your online class!


I would love to learn how you make your art so beautiful.




Pick me!! :) HOpe I'm the lucky duck.


oh, how i would love to win this class....fingers crossed here.....


Personally, i think Janine and the begging Caps should win... that was just a seriously cool idea. Now i cant think of how to get your attention. I could take off my clothes and type in the nude but that would just be slightly wierd, if not pointless.

Instead. How about this:

I would like to win a place on your free course because i've never done this and i never probably will if im not forced to take part. I literally need to be guilt tripped into permitting myself time to be creative because im a mother, wife... pregnant... moving house... just oh so busy...

And imagine sob-story XFactor/Pop Idol style music in the background as i recount what a 'journey' it will be and how 'i want to make my mum/dad/brother/sister/boss/cat proud'.

I'm bound to win now. Hurrah.

Seriously though, good luck to everyone taking part and hope the guys already on the course have a great time. Im sure you will xx


Would love a chance! Art is slipping away from me these days...


I took your class at art unraveled a few years ago. I loved it. I want more!!!! xo

Janet Ghio

Wow! What an opportunity. I would love to take your class. I love your people who are unlike what everyone else is making.

Kim Seistrup

Hello Katie,
I'm sitting beside to my husband in the hospital, day 29 now. He was diagnosed with a 3.9 cm tumor in his bile duct. After one of the most difficult surgeries you can go through he was blessed to be one of three people ever documented to have this type of tumor be benign. However the recovery for this type of surgery is gruesome to say the least. He's had 3 major complications and we are still here. I am supposed to be at Art Unraveled right now. I have taken two classes with you there in past and was amazed with what I produced! When we do get released, I will be taking care of him for 6 weeks or so before he can return to work, God
willing. I would love to be able to take breaks and do your on line workshop at home to keep my art practice up. Thank you for your
generosity to "some lucky duck" I look so forward to your book coming out.


What a great giveaway! I'm searching for inspiration and would love to be your next student.

Marcia Beckett

I'd love a chance to win a spot in your class. I'd love to learn some of your tricks and techniques!

Marilyn J. Rock

I would love a chance to win a spot in your class! WOW! Thank you for such a great opportunity!


I have your wonderful book and would love to take your on-line class! Right now work is really stressful and I know your class (and kind spirit) will help keep me sane! Thank you for this generous giveaway!


way too good to pass up, katie! how generous!

Kimberly Moore

I want to be able to share in your fabulousness. You work is an inspiration because of its raw and soulful spirit. No rules just Art!


O, how wonderful & amazing it would be to be the one to win a spot in your class & dream & create along with you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Susan Burgess

Katie, I have always admired your works. Your dolls,your spots in the magazines and you. So much so we actually did a doll swap on one of my sites based on your style. I did some of the phone book faces and some people liked mine so much they traded for bodies! I am only a beginning sewer but an advance artist so I love learning new techniques. I would love to take the class, I even thought about paying for it but am trying to also creat 25 larger works to do a show, something I have chickened out of for a long time. If I did take your class I would use this opportunity to apply your techniques to my own style in making some of my own canvases. You are one of my inspirations! Sanna

Sarah Waterfield

Wow Katie, what a fantastic giveaway you are having!!! I would love to be entered as i know from what i have read about your online course, i could learn sooooooo much from you! Its an opportunity to add more to my existing style and to be taught by a a very talented artist is just so awesome x Sarah x

donna joy

Lover your style:the layers and textures you achieve. I'm tired of doing the same thing over and over in my own art and would love to be sparked in another direction. Great offer from you!

Trinka Seals

Just delighted you are doing an online
class. I had the pleasure of taking classes
with you. Fun to have the giveaway

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