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carlanda williamson

love this post! happy friday my dear. xo


Oh my gosh I love everything! And I love how what you are doing echoes what I've been doing. Terrariums in canning jars on my windowsill, but with moss and tiny plants from my woods. Herbal iced tea made from dried beets, carrots, bamboo, apples, raisins and mango and sweetened with lemon lavender simple syrup. And my clothesline! Which this week was comic as one load got washed three times by sudden rain and finally dried :) xoxo


i want to come over and soak up all the wonderful goodness at your house...
jade and i just made our first indoor garden last week... his venus fly trap needed a warm, happy place for the cooler months to come.

ps the cornstarch/baking soda recipe is a hit, wow... i am impressed. ;)


you always brighten my heart dear friend.

Miss Robyn

I just booked into your online class! so excited :)
I love hanging clothes on the line too.. something very sacred about it :)


I truly like reading your post.
Love the ideas.

Have a happy weekend.

Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons


Katie, your world looks serene and wonderful-I am especially tickled to see your clothesline-I have been using one for forty years-an insider for the winter and outdoors for the rest of the year-it has always seemed so silly to pay for hot air when there is so much of it outside! I do live in the desert(Utah)and rain is rarely a problem, but anytime we can avoid using electricity makes me happy. I'm signing up for your class soon-can't wait-Emma

lorraine lewis

hello cute katie,
I love your studio compadres, i recognize one of the sweeties!
i'm looking forward to painting with you in just a few weeks. i just wish it was in person and not online!!!


I just happened to wonder in on this site. I would love to join your tea party. At least in spirit. And I've decided to make a couple of studio compadres of my own. Hugs


Love the studio friends. They look like an interesting, eclectic mix of folks. :)

I have a clothes line that I use in the summer, but somehow mine isn't as picturesque as yours. Maybe because it's stretched across the driveway... Oh well, it was the only place for it and it gets the job done. :)

Patti Thompson-Vitola

Hello, and thank you so much for your wonderful journey of blogging.......I could feel your presence and actually felt a lot of what you were talking about. Snow at the beach, animals having no problem deciding which way to go (I so often over think)I will be attending the March work shop Cindy O'Leary is presenting, so I do hope we will beable to visit....I can hear your soft voice telling me good-bye, and I return to you Namaste.......

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