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amanda jolley

Katie, I am very interested. I've been wanting to take the class but was bogged down with other responsibilities. And they just freed up today! If it is possible & it won't be difficult to catch up, I'd love to join.


Yay! I'm glad, because I heard of your class for the first time AFTER registration was closed...I just signed up!


hi katie,

so glad to hear that it was extended. how long will the information be up for after the class is completed? just worried that I am behind for the start of it. looks so kewl and I've heard wonderful things about week 1 so far! thank you! ciao!


Hi Nadia,
I will leave the class site open until I send out the free DVD which has all the same information on it.

vicky wakefield

Hi, i just signed up for the class but not sure what to do now? im a week behind, I think!


Hi Vicki,

No worries, it's a work-at-your-own-pace class.
I just sent you information you need to get into the class site.
When you enter the site, scroll down to get to the oldest lessons, on any blog the newest material is always at the top which is a bit counter-intuitive for a class site.
You can read, watch videos, and catch up.
There is a button on the right sidebar if you want to join the class Yahoo group. There is also a class Facebook group you are welcome to join - the url is on one of the blog posts as well as on the home page of the Yahoo group.
Make yourself at home....


oh thank god- i didn't realize the class was up and my friend just told me about it!



Natalie Briney

Hi Katie

When i click on your link to get the info about the classes, it comes up saying that it is locked??? I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong?? Sorry to bother you.


OOh I'm desperately disappointed I missed the deadline for the sign up for this class :-( I''ve been ill and absent in blogland for a while ... I checked out your book and it's not available on Amazon UK till Jan 2012 either so it looks like I'm just going to have to wait, and I'm not that good at waiting! I LOVE all of your art. It's so distinctive - I can spot it a mile off :-) Will you run this class again? I do hope so x


Sorry you missed the deadline Kate!

But all isn't not lost :-) as I will be putting up the class DVD for sale on my blog in the next couple weeks - it contains all the materials from class from supply lists, questions and answers, pdfs, photographs and 34 videos.

I plan to offer the actual class here again in another year, winter of 2013.

Thanks for your interest!


Thanks for answering :-) I'm looking forward to the DVD already, YAY!


This class looks great. I can't do it now but is there anyway you can contact me next time you put it on? rosie dot kaplan at ynet. dot co dot nz

Lori Zebiere

Hi Kate, just watched your Vimeo video! Thank you so much for sharing those techniques, they were EXACTLY what I was after!!! I wouldn't have found your site, if not for that video. Beautiful work, I'll be watching for your next on line class....might have to order that DVD!! Thanks again! Now I'm off to peruse the rest of your blog :)

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