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Sharon Tomlinson

Oh my gosh I needed this class reminder.
Thanks grandmother to a sweet little beauty.


Congratulations on another sweet addition. Your daughter looks like a model... hard to believe that she just gave birth. I wish them all happy things. Now I'm off to sign up for the class...


I am so excited! I can't wait for the class. Thank you Katie for all of your hard work.

Paula S In New Mexico

Your link to more info is password protected. Does this mean the workshop is now closed?


I'm trying to pass the workshop info on to some friends and the link you give doesn't work. It asks for a password.


Paula and Rhonda,
Yes, registration for the workshop closed as of midnight last night when I password protected the class site. I will offering the DVD for sale pre-order (the exact same material as the class) on my blog in the next few weeks.


I just heard about the online workshop and came here to find it already closed. Awwww! Well congrats on the new grandbaby,she's so adorable!


Sorry Buffy :-(

I've had such a great response to this class offering and I've heard from several people after it closed that they wished they had gotten in. The nice thing is, I'm having a professional DVD made in the form of an eBook that will contain ALL the information that was available to the class in the form of videos, pdfs, links, and questions and answers.

Annie Hooten

I would LOVE to take your class. I've heard so much about you. I hope our paths cross soon. Please send me the class info.

Lisa Graham Art

Your class looks so intersting...I will be back.

And congratulations!

Cynthia Pettigrew

When will you offer another class?


Hi Cynthia,

I'm planning on offering my next class, a different one, sometime in the summer of 2012. I will repeat this class in the winter of 2012.



So beautiful! Congratulations!


Looking forward to the release of the DVD!

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