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Judy Wise

Beautiful photos and can't wait to try that soup. All the way to heaven ...

gina armfield

lovely painting - truly and what a wonderful sisterhood retreat! Must say I am green with envy ;)

Jeanne Levy

Wonderful painting, Katie. Envy your beachtime sister gathering. It does sound like you gained a lot from your breakthrough. Can't wait to read your book! Are you at Art & Soul this year?


Thank you Gina! You already have the perfect location to meet with a couple beloved art friends for a sisterhood retreat - love your area so much!

And thank you, Jeanne! It really does seem more essential than frivalous, the long weekends with art friends. I hope to encourage all of my readers to grab a couple friends and gift yourself with that time together. It's magic! No, I won't be teaching at Art and Soul; I've decided that my offerings are best suited to smaller more intimate venues and online classes. I will be offering another online class in the spring.

Lisa Graham

What a fun get together. Love your painting...some great color peeking through the whites. Like melting snow.


Thanks Lisa,

I think I was influenced by the melting snow and ice.


Beautiful painting! I'm really drawn to it. And your get-together looks so fun!


This painting is just amazing... I ordered your book last night and can't wait to see what's inside!


This painting is just amazing... I ordered your book last night and can't wait to see what's inside!

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