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I am grateful for relationships (marriage, parenting, family, friendships). They help me grow to be a better person and they are my source of strength and true joy.

Judy Shreve

Congratulations on all this good stuff happening for you!!
I would love a copy of this book - and if that random number thingy doesn't pick me - I'm going to just buy it!
Lots to be grateful for - my life is pretty wonderful - but right now I'm grateful for my new puppy - he makes me smile!


Hi Katie...wow, what a question...what am I grateful for? I've been running so hard lately that I haven't stopped to think about it. At all. So, I grabbed this opportunity to sit down a little while to give it some thought and the two things I came up with are: 1) I am grateful for being the mother of two such beautiful girls, both inside and out. And 2) I am grateful for having the opportunity to work so hard on my passion that I can take a shot at making it my work. There are not guarantees, of course, but the shere existence of a possibility is something to be grateful for. All I have to do, is work hard and take a shot! Well katie, thank you for making me stop to think about what I'm grateful for...and yes, I'd love to be the lucky one to win your book. I have a feeling it's a wonderful book...

Christianne Teixeira

Ohhh, I would like to win a copy of your wonderful book!!! I am grateful for my life, my health and my capacity to learn :))

Michele -

Wow, such a lovely giveaway!

I am so grateful for many things right now, but the BIGGY is lessons learned. I am grateful for finally having my eyes opened to what I have already and how lovely that is. I am so grateful for that even though it was a costly and heart wrenching thing to have gone through.

nancye williams

I am grateful for being able to see the deeper meaning in things that happen in my life. I am grateful for overcoming stage 3 breast cancer recently and for being able to lose myself in art during that long and painful journey. I am grateful for women artists who are questioning and sharing their insights through art. I am of course grrateful for family, friends and life.

Robin Janning

I am grateful for the time and space which allows me to create art. I am grateful, also, to the larger community which finds emotional and spiritual value in the creation of art.


I am grateful for the nature which surrounds me here in the woods.........every day!

Donna Joy

I am grateful for my health~knowing others who don't have that "luxury" makes me more aware as i get older how good that really is.

amanda jolley

I am grateful for weather that feels like winter. And I never thought I would say that. The seasons mean more to me than I understood.


I'm so grateful for my first grandbaby about to born! While every new baby is special as can be, this Momma and Daddy have waited 10 long years. We are all over the moon with excitement and gratitude.

Brenda Delaney

I am grateful every day for my family, friends, good health and glitter!!! So excited to see your new book!!!


So much good going on in your life!! I'm grateful for my life. Having done a dance with breast cancer 6 years ago, every single day I am grateful to wake up and have another day to add to my story. I take nothing for granted and look for the joy in every day -- even the not the "hot" days!


I'm grateful for the Internet, because, even if it can have some negative side effects, it made my world so much bigger,I learn so much from people far away I would never have met otherwise. And I see so many beautiful things this way (like the cover of your book). I'm grateful for the people sharing their work, techniques and ideas.
And of course I'm grateful for my family, my health and all the other good things in my life (and afterwards even for some of the bad things).

Siobhan Jordan

ohh - really want!!! Looks great! big love from Éire xx

Dawn E. Nguyen

Hi Katie,
Thank you for this wonderful blog and your generosity. I am thankful for my family, my husband, my health, being alive, nature/our planet/space, my capacity to create, and for forgiveness from God and all the people in this world and the next who have ever forgiven me -thank you!
bless you and your family,
Love always,


Congratulations on all the good stuff!

I'm grateful for having the time to craft and create!


Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of your book, looks fascinating! I am grateful to have my 82 year-old Dad living with us. We lost my Mom in October and it's a remarkable gift to have him here, sharing stories, love and our lives together!!! Best, Jeanette

Janice Scherer

Why haven't I seen your blog before??? I'd say, where have you been, but WHERE HAVE I BEEN. It is awesome. Would love your book. It's on my wish list. Your class with Misty is also on my wish list. Love your blog... love your work!!!

Laurie Blau-Marshall

I didn't know you had a blog either! I going to go dive in! I put your book on my Amazon wishlist right away, it looks awesome!

Sheila Lynch

Your new book looks awesome! I would love to win it!!! I am so grateful everyday for my wonderful husband and all he does for me. Grateful for so many other things as well but he's the first I think of.
Happy crafting!

Colette Trad

I would love to win your book. Luv your new icon at facebook too.

Sandi Terry

Katie, I'm grateful that I was around to witness your artistic beginnings!! I'm also grateful that I was able to take a workshop at Valley Ridge last year! Wish I could join you and Misty this time, it sounds great!!!

Kim Beinschroth

I'm grateful for my health, and lots of people I love, and who love me in return. Thank you for a chance to win a copy of your book.


How lovely life can be! Mary Oliver is also one of my favorites... my list of gratitude grows daily but one thing I am grateful for today is the generosity of so many artists out there (like you!) who are willing to share their creativity and lives with us all. Your book looks awesome :) xo Deb


I am grateful everyday for the life I get to live in beautiful Flagstaff, AZ, USA. And I am grateful that I got to take a fun class with the talented Katie Kendrick on her first teaching gig at Art Unraveled. Thank you for the opportunity to win your new book. And congratulations on all the upcoming greatness. YOu deserve all of it.

Marcia Beckett

I'm grateful for my husband and my daughter!

Carina Karlsson

I am grateful for growing up in a family that understood and celebrated the value of handmade.


I am uber grateful for the powerful work we artists are doing by sharing our truths not only in color but through words and building communities. What a time we live in to live out loud in vastly creative ways. In the thick of it and I love my life even more than ever. Xo


I am grateful for the variety and abundance in my life!


Gratitude...I'm grateful for a multitude of things...But Im grateful that every morning I have the ability to HEAR the morning birdsong,the ability to be able to SEE the beauty that surrounds me,the ability to be able to CREATE should I wish and Im grateful for the internet because I was able to take your e course!...(and the wonderful friends I have made online)
Im am grateful for so many things... :-)


I am so very grateful for my family and friends. I feel so loved by them.

Gwen Delmore

this may sound mundane, but I am grateful for the internet, which allows me to connect with so many artists through their blogs. It is magical to me (though it also uses up a lot of time!)


just to know you will hear the voice of mary oliver, i am completely grateful for that!


Camilla La Mer

Hi Katie!
I am grateful for your blog! And for my cat George who teaches me how to sleep on these nights when I am tossing and turning. I just watch him for a while and I remember...Thanks for the generous giveaway. I have been anticipating the release of your book.


The muddy footprints of my "bully breed" overgrown and totally adorable Lillidog, placed lovingly on the bed when she jumps up her 90 pounds of heart to keep me company on the days I just can't seem to get up and moving because either my mind or my body won't cooperate.


What I'm most grateful for is my family; my husband and my kids. But then again- there's so much to be grateful for... I have a home, there's enough te eat, I'm healthy and and and... ;-)
best, Annie


I am grateful for connections made on the internet, making the world a smaller place, and I am grateful for the abundance of love and laughter in my home at the moment. :)


I am grateful for receiving the opportunity to open my own business as a massage therapist last year and am super thrilled that it is thriving due to the massive support of my fabulous clients. Grateful am I.


Hello lovely. I'm grateful for having two daughters who love and appreciate both me and each other. I'm grateful for my ever encouraging, gentle, and generous partner. I'm grateful for the devotion and companionship of our pets. I'm grateful for gentle and giving spirits in so many people in the online art world.


Among many other things I'm grateful for peppermint hot chocolate to sip as I watch the snow fall.

Terry Weiss

I'm grateful that it's a new year and a new start - and mostly because we have 2 new kittens. In the last year 1/2 I've had breast cancer, bilateral mastectomy, pneumonia after a second surgery, chemo, and Herceptin infusions every 3 weeks for a year. Just before the last infusion, my two 17 year old cats became terminally ill and died within a week and a half of each other, then my dog ran into me and destroyed my other knee. Believe me, I was NOT feeling very grateful. Then we brought home 2 adorable kittens and all of a sudden the world is fun and bright and life is possible again. So, I'm grateful for the little things that mean life is going to go on and be worth being around to enjoy.


Even prior to the beginning of the new year, I consciously began setting my intention to notice and acknowledge the good all around me. When I wake up in the morning, before I even get out of bed I think of several things I am grateful for (snooze button- lol!), dog sleeping at my feet, etc. Then through out the day, I am becoming aware of those little gifts that are so easy to overlook, the moon glittering at me this morning when I pulled the blinds open, the flock of geese that flew overhead so low that I could hear their wings flapping when I took the mail out, those little gifts that are so quietly given, and I say a silent thank you and go about my life. It lifts my heart. Thank you Katie for all your recent, lovely posts and for having this great giveaway. Cheers!

Carol Weiler

I am so grateful for my strong faith that is supporting me during a challenging time in my life. Without it I would be lost.


What am I grateful for? Life, family, teaching art to children, flowers, birds, sunshine, hot showers, rain showers, being able to create art that soothes my soul. Well just about everything. If I don't win the book I'll have to do like Judy and buy it!


I am grateful for a rich and full life, and the opportunity this year to retire and live this life even more fully. Thanks for the opportunity to win your beautiful book.


Katie, Right now I am truly grateful for my health. I have a few family members who are suffering right now with various maladies and I can't even believe how blessed I am that all works in my body. I am also blessed to have no real wants...only dreams. One dream would be to truly contribute to the world in some way with my art...Keeping my fingers crossed that I am lucky enough to win a copy of your new book


I am grateful for my three children and friends who have been there every step of the way, helping and supporting me during my recent battle with cancer. Congratulations on the book!

Cindy Fun, Holland

What a great chance on winning that beautiful book! Lovely.
I am very grateful for being introduced to art journaling in 2010. Also I am grateful for getting better and better at doing it, because I learn a lot from all those art journaling bloggers. Cindy

Katie LaClair

I am grateful for my warm apartment when it is so cold outside.

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