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carlanda williamson

i see a beautiful year unfolding. there will be magic and art and glitter and a move to oregon! i see keeping my word "focus" close at hand to keep reminding me to do just that. i see art fest! i see misty and katie (almost)! thank you for this beautiful post and for reminding me "to see". xoxo

Tricia Scott

thank you for this wonderful post, katie.

Kim Rae Nugent

Beautiful sentiments. Thank you for sharing!


This reminded me of my sister who was blind. She would put her hand out and say "Let me see". Thank you for the reminder Katie and happy new year to you. xo


PS Happy happy joyful new year to you.


lorraine lewis

A little hard to see anything with these tears in my eye's. Beautiful, heartfelt post dear Katie!


This is so beautiful, Katie and a reminder to slow down and take it all in. I know I rush around so much that I forget to see what's wonderful in my life. Thank you for the reminder to slow down and see and be grateful!!

A Facebook User

I used to be able to see the world like that. It was when my heart was wide open. I wish I could do it again. Maybe some day, huh?


i. love. this. post. i see YOU. thank you.

Judy Wise

oh katie. your energy is pure, your direction true. you are a great teacher and whether you mean for it or not we will follow you ...


I LOVE this!!!! I am going to start practicing this!!! I just really love this idea.....what a fantastic way to SEE.


Beautiful post Katie...
Once I saw a fly trying to free itself from a water filled bottle cap!
I imagined myself as the fly
When I saw it trying to struggle free, I imagined myself in the middle of the ocean, not able to swim, and struggling to stay on the surface.
Oh it's so nice to share this with someone who would understand. I also wrote a poem about it.
Thank you xox


I failed to mention that I did set the fly free, and it went buzzing to distant lands.;-)


It is great to see YOU back here on your blog! Love the photos!


such a good reminder. thank you!


Happy new year dear heart teacher. I love your posts as they came from your heart and always touched me deeply. I will start now doing your exercise and see my wonderful"garfield" cat! In your journal in progress inside the boat there's a bit of portugal...porto coimbra are cities where i come from. how strange love it!!!! wish you the very best and am waiting for your next online course.xo

Kelly Snelling

i believe that is what we all seek, to be seen, to be loved. sharing this sight, this love with our world is good for our spirit. i see you beautiful girl and i send you big love. xo!

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