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Pam @ The Blue Between

I have those same boots!! Love your photos, especially the shadow one with the heart :)


mmmmm. David Whyte has been a long time fav. of mine. Thanks for the poem. So excited for your talk, I wish I could be there! To answer your Q about flow, I am learning to stay connected creatively by slowing waaaaaaay down. letting go of so very many things that I thought were important to make space for quiet and nothingness. It is a new relationship to creativity I am finding myself in. Pema Chodron talks about the blank canvas at the beginning of her talks, with no plans she proceeds, terrifying, yes, necessary, absolutely. Much of what David's poem point to. My action/duty is making space and holding space and keeping fear out.. thanks, this was a nice contemplation!

Kathie Vezzani

Saw those boots when my husband and I were in Belfair on Saturday--not in my size! What a great lumber store you have there. The owner is awesome and I love his desk. He let me poke around in it to see all the cubbies. Thanks for sharing this poem.


I want those boots!!! The poem is beautiful!! I will be writing it down in my journal....it is something that needs to be read on a regular basis....Thank you for sharing!!


Hi Katie - lovely poem. I wanted to tell you I am very much enjoying your book - it's a lot like being in your class! You're an inspiration!



Yes, slowing way down, being present to space not filled up by things and activities. I love Pema too, such an inspired teacher. Thanks for stopping by.



Sorry the boots weren't your size - lucky for me though!! yes, we may not have much fine dining here in Belfair, but we've got the good hardware and lumber stores!! I'm glad you liked the poem...


I find that as with any really good poetry, it gets better and sinks deeper with each reading. David Whyte's writing, both nonfiction and poetry is phenomenal; I'm reading "Crossing the Unknown Sea; Work as a Pilgrimage to Identity" right now...i want to underline something on every page!!

and the boots, I know, kind of 60's mod - love!!



Thank you for sharing your experience with my book - my intention was to come as close to a class room experience as possible, really a challenge with a book. Joyous Creating, Lulu!

Lisa Graham

Those boots were a great find! Your photos and post were inspirational. Thanks! I have a golden retriever too...aren't they great dogs?

Maria C. Little

Katie, you have the genuine artistic eye and heart!
I bet you'll be surprised to know that I first heard David Whyte at The Boeing Company in the mid 1990's!


I really like the boots. What a snazzy bit of color to look down on while strolling.

I used to think I didn't like poetry, but I found Mary Oliver and now I am working on striking up an acquaintance with it. Thank you for a new name to check out. :)

AQIS Cleaning

I love your photos and the poem. Your dog is cute, it's the same as mine.


my darling....toes in the snow and suddenly spring! through all seasons you remain in my heart. hoping all is well in your world..so grateful you are in mine!


your photos are so pretty, but your boots are ABSOLUTELY awesome!!!!

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