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Sharon Tomlinson

Oh WOW we could sure have a conversation about this. Abstract is so....well abstract to me. I like it a lot but don't necessarily understand it. My question is, should I understand it or is it just meant to please me. Or maybe I can see the "simple kernel of truth and feel it but others can't. My head is always overflowing when I have a brush in my hand. I think if I see some of your "refining" I do see a kernel of truth. My truth.

ps: love to see you blogging!! keep sharing we all love you and have missed you here.

wanda marie

how perfectly said Katie! I do believe i have felt this way every single time doing an abstract. and often times the abstract isn't really an abstract, often times, i don't know what one would call it, but stopping till we are satisfied, grr, is a finished AB STRACTY? ;)

bev langby

dear Katie
Im there in that place and i feel im on the verge of something important to me , ive painted pretty its ingrained in me but im breaking free it niggled at me in your class and with your book but i lost it and ive taken Mysteles Gut Art class and found it again and i love it, its what i want to paint and see and do but im struggling , it does not come naturally i have to force it , i want it to just flow out of me like my mind wants it to ... it will happen because i want it so much
so yes i totally understand ...
hugz bev

Ophelia Staton

Your work is just so amazing all I can do is say wow!! I just adore it!!

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