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Pinned on Pinterest. :) Thanks for the chance to win your class!

Erin L.Cooper

Posted on FB :)

Heather Bradley

Shared on Facebook, but I would share anyway because I think this is going to be wonderful.
Can't wait! xo


shared on facebook

Robyn strewart

I Shared in facebook

kelly snelling

i haven't painted in so long. this sounds heavenly! shared on my fb page.:D

Sherri McCulloch

Reposted on Facebook, Katie. Working with you in person was a fantastic, dream come true opportunity. Would love to be able to participate in this new course under your wing.
Peace to you and yours,

Pam Aries

On Facebook ! How cool !

Beth Reiter

Shared on Facebook:) Oh my, this class looks and sounds amazing!

Lizabeth Rains

I've shared this on Facebook, twice I think!!!

Mary Dean

Oh my goodness, I would love to win a class with you. Thanks so much for the chance. Happy holidays! I shared on FB.

Michelle Fletcher

Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook...would adore the chance to take this with you Katie as I have no given away all my $$ to charities who's need is great!!! Happy Holidays💜💜


Shared on Facebook. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot in this class. Peace

Carlanda Williamson

Shared on fb. Thank you katie. Xx


I've shared on FaceBook (under KarmasJourney). Thank you so much for an amazing opportunity like this! Merry Christmas!

Amy Tomlin

Hello Katie, how exciting!
I shared on Pinterest board my"Art Classes" :)


Shared on facebook. I would be so blessed to win this!

Deanna Strachan

Shared on my Facebook page Katie!!!!

Carol Peringer

Happily shared Katie.....this class looks amazing, hope you get so many students:-))

Lois Reynolds Mead

Shared on Facebook. Looks so wonderful!


Posted on Facebook!

Tina Van Netten

It has been a while since I have painted. A nice way to get back at it.


Shared on Facebook.

Michelle Czulada

Shared on Facebook

Susan Hayes

Shared in Facebook love and joy...love your work😁

Sandy Derryberry

Facebook shared. Would love to win a spot as I've had to curtail my spending on myself. Two college students as a single parent is tough. Fingers crossed!


Shared on Instagram! 💗💗💗

karen rushatz

shared this on facebook. I look forward to taking this class!!!!


Gladly shared to Facebook! 😊


Hi Katie,
Your workshop is on my wish list! I shared your link on Facebook!
Briana Goetzen

Roberta Laiberte

Shared on my Facebook lovely! Thanks for a chance! Xo

Annie Boquist

I shared on Facebook and would just love to win this!! thanks.


Shared! So excited!

Chris Desbiens

Would love to be part of this class. Shared of FB

Diana Adamchik

Shared in facebook!! I want to win!! This is going to be wonderful!!


I shared on Instagram and Twitter, too!
Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!
@brianacreates on Instagram and Twitter

Briana G.

Micki High

What a generous offer, Katie! I shared on my timeline. Wishing you a holiday filled with joy!

Nicole Larish Volk

I think there is so much to learn from you and the people that sign up for this class!!! I posted (public setting) to Facebook and Pintrest. I hope ...I hope.....

Nicole Larish Volk

Frannie Stevens-Meshorer

SHARED! looks wonderful!!!!!

Frannie Stevens-Meshorer

Betsy MacWhinney

This class looks great, Katie.

Phyllis Peterson

hi Katie! I shared this amazing class on Facebook!! xo

Dori Patrick

Shared!!!! Yippee!!!

Jeanine LeRoy

Posted on FB!

Jeanine LeRoy

My FB name is Pamela Shaw. FYI

Laura Herrera

Hi Katie! Shared on Pinterest and re-shared on Facebook. Can't figure out how to share on Instagram! So looking forward to challenging myself with your class.

Chrissie England

Posted on FB and Instgram. Would love to win a class with you Katie!!

Cindy Trobaugh

I see this as a new adventure!


Shared face book, please pick me !!!!!!


Pinned on Pinterest - thanks so much for the chance to win! The class looks fabulous!


This class is just what I need to cure the winter doldrums!!

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